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Crossover Air Keiki 8'0''

Naish Surfing 2016

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Inflatable Windsurf/SUP – All-around Cruising
The Crossover Air Series are incredibly versatile inflatable boards for both windsurfing and stand up paddling.
They feature an M8 universal insert for attaching a windsurfing rig and offer outstanding sailing performance in light to moderate wind conditions. They also have a slide-in dagger fin for upwind performance regardless of wind strength.
For stand-up paddling, the Crossovers are designed with a low rocker and added thickness for directional stability and long glides. This makes them the ideal boards for fun flatwater cruising and longboard style windsurfing.


Model Length width Thickness Volume Weight Fins
Crossover 8'0'' 8'0" / 243.8 cm 30'' / 76.2cm 4" / 10.2 cm 120 L 14.5 lbs / 6.5 kg 2 x 10.0 Slide in Fins