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CruisAir SE

JP-Australia 2018

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Produit venant de Prydegroup Europe, environ 10 jours pour la livraison.

The CRUSAIRS are the perfect design for your everyday paddle, touring and fitness. They are an excellent choice for those looking for a faster glide without compromising the stability. For this year we have tweaked the design of this bestseller slightly by adding width to the tail for more stability and improved traction. This fast and stable concept is also available with a windsurfing option to maximize the fun on the water.
The CRUISAIRS are available in Superior and Light Edition. The 11’6”x30” Windsup comes with an additional 10”center fin and a windsurfing mast plug.



In the past couple of years our inflatable boards have featured the best weight to stiffness ratio on the market. This year we took another huge step forward. It was our goal to develop even lighter and stiffer boards with improved durability. The breakthrough was the pre-lamination process.

Our triple layer Superior Edition and our double layer Light Edition constructions both include the specially developed process of pre-lamination. This high tech process consists of machine-lamination of the multiple layers into a shell that has accurate thickness as well as superior abrasion and stretch properties. Compared to normal double layer boards we have been able to remove the manual glue application from the process and with it the room for error, the excess weight of the glue and the additional health hazards for our workers.
The fiber reinforced layers create super strong and durable boards with a minimal amount of stretch.

Model Length cm width Thickness volume Fin Weight
CruisAir 11‘6“x30“ SE 350 76cm/30'' 12.7cm / 5'' 252liters 9.0" PE 8.8 KG /19.4Lbs
CruisAir 11‘6“x30“ Wind SE 350 76cm/30'' 12.7cm / 5'' 252liters 9.0“ + 10.0“ 9.2 KG /20.3Lbs
CruisAir 12‘6“x32“ SE 381 81cm/32'' 12.7cm / 5'' 296liters 9.0“ 10.2 KG /22.5Lbs
CruisAir 11‘6“x30“ LE 350 76cm/30'' 12.7cm / 5'' 252liters 9.0" PE 7.8 KG /17.2Lbs
CruisAir 12‘6“x32“ LE 381 81cm/32'' 12.7cm / 5'' 296liters 9.0“ 9.2 KG /20.3Lbs


Named after Jason Polakow, the former Wavesailing World Champion and figurehead of the brand, JPA is the premium, high performance windsurfing board brand with a range of more than 30 boards. JPA boards are frequent winners of consumer tests and regularly top industry polls as 'the most desired board brand' in the European windsurfing market.

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