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Maliko 12'6'' Carbon

Naish Surfing 2017

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Dominating the competition at the 2016 Victoria Cup, Casper Steinfath continues to lead the pack with the Maliko 12’6” Carbon Elite. The ultimate board for a variety of conditions, the Maliko 12’6” shines in everything from flatwater to chop to open ocean or surf racing.
Ideal for advanced level riders and competition, this board is engineered to keep riders at their peak through sprints and long-distance runs. Its beveled rail in the nose raises the rail rocker line while keeping the center line straight and efficient, offering a more forgiving ride in chop and side-wind conditions along with improved handling in surf racing. Perfectly balanced, this board offers just enough stability to combat fatigue on those long runs and keep riders aggressive at buoy turns, to take full advantage of key competition opportunities.
Dihedral shaping carried further into the deck allows water to disperse from the deck of the board faster, allowing the nose to slice through water more quickly while maintaining stability.


Model Length width Thickness Volume Fins System Construction Weight
Maliko 12'6" X24 12'6" / 381 cm 24" / 61 cm 6 11/16" / 17 cm 235L US 9.5 Limited Edition Carbon 21.4 lbs / 9.7 kg
Maliko 12'6" X26 12'6" / 381 cm 26" / 66 cm 6 11/16" / 17 cm 255L US 9.5 Limited Edition Carbon 23.4 lbs / 10.6 kg