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NX2 GT Hybrid

Flow 2018

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When the highest performance binding is what you are looking for, the NX2-GT fits the bill. The NX2-GT is the lightest weight and most responsive binding in our line. Our professional team relies on this binding to get them from top of the mountain to the bottom and everywhere in between. This high performance binding features an Aluminum Alloy rockered baseplate and an Aluminum Alloy ModBack for the ultimate support. The EVO-C9 Carbon SupportPanel on the hiback is sure to respond when you need it to. Our ACTIVE STRAP Technology allows for easier binding entry and our Hybrid PowerStrap with Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles make adjustability and Dual Entry a non-issue. The 2.5 Degree BankBeds + OC Kush help alleviate any vibration and creates an optimized fit; great support and unparalleled energy transfer to your board.


Aluminum Alloy Rockered Baseplate
Aluminum Alloy Modback Hiback
EVO-C9 w/ Carbon Support Panel
Hybrid PowersStrap
Active Strap Technology
Locking Slap Ratchets
2.5º Canted Dualdensity Footbed + OC-Kush Forefoot
OC-Kush Base and Heel Pad
Aluminum 5mm offset Multidisk (4HP + 3HP + M6 Channel)
Feel Rating: 9 (1 = softest/forgiving and 10 = stiffest/responsive in the Flow line)

Feel Rating: 9 (1 = softest/forgiving and 10 = stiffest/responsive in the Flow line)

NX2 / M / H / Flite M L XL
US Men 4.5-8 7.5-11.5 10.5–15
US Women 6-9.5 8.5-10+
EURO 35.5-41.5 40-44.5 44.0-48.5
UK 3.0-7.0 6.5-10.0 10.5-14
Mondo Point 22.5-26.0 25.5-29.0 28.5-32.5