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Spectre Carbon

Nidecker Snowboard 2018

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The World’s Finest Product
We all know it but society won’t let us talk about it, but the reality is, if you want to go fast you can’t get any better than doing it in hard boots. With that in mind, we’ve taken all of our knowledge honed from years of Alpine board building and put it into our new Spectre Carbon. This all-new genre of snowboard blends race board performance with big mountain power, and has been specially designed to ride with hard boots. Utilizing the most advanced materials at our disposal this absolute charger of a board is aimed at those riders who are totally unwilling to compromise even the smallest amount of performance.


Sizes cm Sidecut radius mm Contact lenght mm Waist width mm
157 7400 1180 220
163 7700 1240 240
168 7900 1280 242