Foil-WingKitesurfBoard Foil KSDwarfcraft 4'6''

Dwarfcraft 4'6''

Slingshot 2017

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Dwarfcraft 4'6" (54"): Slingshot’s 4’6” Dwarfcraft is a light, agile and userfriendly board designed for all-around freeride foiling. It’s constructed from a rugged EPS core, with inlaid stringers and a fiberglass wrap and features moderate front-end rocker, beveled rails, mild concave, foostrap mounts for two or three strap configurations and a sliding track mounting system for a great all-around ride you can dial in to your preferences.

• Great all-around foil board for every condition
• Light weight, durable Slingshot construction
• User-friendly shape provides smooth takeoffs, agile handling
• A board you can progress with but won’t outgrow
• Concaved deck for agile handling w/ subtle movements


Model Length cm width volume Weight
Dwarfcraft 4'6" 4'6'' / 137.1cm 18'' / 45.7cm 15.2 L 8.2 LBS / 3.72kg