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Slingshot 2017

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The Slingshot CRISIS 2017 is designed for the freerider looking for a great performance twin tip that is easy to ride, shoots upwind and is durable. The Crisis is incredibly versatile and user friendly making it an ideal freeride board that you will never out grow.
With a lighter, more flexible layup and a mild rocker profile, the Crisis is a user-friendly board designed for riders progressing from entry-level to intermediate or advanced. The softer flex helps absorb chop and provides smoother landings for riders getting the hang of jumping. By no means a “beginner-specific” board, the Crisis is also fan-favourite for advanced riders because of its springy feel and exceptionally light feel underfoot.
The Crisis features Slingshot’s signature vertically laminated wood core, a single concave outline and double flat rails. The result is great edging upwind, a smoother ride through chop and nice load, pop and landings. You’ll love the Crisis if you’re looking for a lightweight, user-friendly board you can take comfortably in all conditions.
The 2017 Crisis delivers dynamic feel, provides solid upwind performance, effortless edge to edge control and ultra-soft landings in all conditions. Its progressive shape is ideal for advanced freeride tricks as well as riding the swell on those perfect downwinders.
Progression and evolution are key elements to building confidence and ultimate success in learning how to kiteboard. Having the right tool at the right price is equally important.
Slingshot introduces the new CRISIS series twin tip board to complete the formula.
Benefits of the user friendly outline, quality overall design and affordable price makes the Slingshot CRISIS twin tip board the perfect answer for freeriders.

Key highlights:

CFT (Slingshot's patent pending): Stability, shock absorption and performance freeridiing
Fusion sidewall construction – Super-impact-resistant sidewalls built to withstand the harshest riding. The new 60/40 rail is stiffer with a boxier edge to create more surface for thrashing, plus variable contoured side cut shaping for firm grip and clean release off the water.
Double Flat Rails – A step-down rail delivering optimum edge control, sound handling in choppy water, bomber impact resistance and added stability at speed.
Atomic Core – This all-wood, ultra lightweight core provides the liveliest feel ever. There is no better core material for achieving the best flex performance and durability in a board than full wood.
Freeride progression and easy switch riding
Single Concave – Lively, good carving characteristics, super smooth, and edges upwind effortlessly. No spray in the face.
2" High Aspect Fins – effortless hook and drive
Bolt-Ons pad and strap system – shock absorption , custom comfort and performance
Thermoformed grab handle – comfort while carrying your board
Duraglide base: added durability
Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality

Sizes: 134 x 40.5cm / 137cm x 41.2cm / 141cm x 41.5cm / 146cm x 43.1cm