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Air Glide Bullet 14'0''

Sicmaui 2018

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Due to the success of its composite counterpart, in 2016 SIC introduced the inflatable Bullet 14.0 Air-Glide. Of course not everyone has the space to store one or the vehicle to transport a 14.0 composite board. Therefore there was a demand for the Bullet 14.0 Air-Glide. Having said that, a 17.4 composite board takes up even more space. So for 2018 SIC will also be offering its iconic Bullet 17.4 in an Air-Glide construction. Now you can hop in a taxi and catch a ride, pump up your Bullet 17.4 Air-Glide and catch some glides. Next stop Tokyo.

- (DST) Dyneema stringer technology
- Ultra durable single layer PVC tarpaulin skin
- Double reinforced rail construction
- High pressure drop stitch construction (DSC) core
- Two stage pump: dual action to rapidly inflate and single action to bring up to max psi (10 psi min. to 15 psi max)
- Carry handle
- Coil leash (8’x 7mm)
- Cargo net, patch kit, wheelie backpack for easy transport and storage
- U.S. finbox compatible w/toolless FCS Connect 9.0” fin for quick setup and breakdown
- All SIC Air Glide boards are 6” thick


(DSC,FST, DSW) - DROP STITCH CONSTRUCTION WITH FUSION SKIN AND DOUBLE SIDEWALL CON- STRUCTION, two stage pump: dual action to rapidly in ate and single action to bring up to max psi (15-20 psi max), diamond groove EVA pad, carry handle, surf leash ring, includes coil leash (8’x 7mm), cargo net, patch kit, premium wheelie backpack, U.S. nbox compatible with Weedless 9” (nylon) n

Model Length width Volume Fins System Construction Weight
Air Glide Bullet14'0'' 426.7cm 28.5'' / 72.4 cm Single Fin 340L DSC Fusion 25.4lbslbs / 11.5 kg