Stand Up Paddle-SurfStand Up BoardSUP Racing 14'0'' Sprint 14'0'

Sprint 14'0'

Starboard-SUP 2018

3990 CHF
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The Ultimate speedster for flat water and chop. Instant acceleration, amazing top-end speed.

Instant acceleration. The highest cruise speed and amazing top end speed.
Easy buoy turning. With built-in Tail Kicker.
Raised rail profile. For more pop in flat water and more control in chop.
Carbon Sandwich. Available in the lightest, fastest and strongest Carbon Sandwich Technology.
The new size 14’0″ x 25″ provides maximum performance for riders up to 100 kg. New Unlimited 18’0″ x 23″ available on pre-order only.

Target rider: All riders up to 115 kg.
Key features: Dug out rails, efficient drainage system, refined nose shape with optimized nose volume. Thicker profile and sloped tail with a flatter tail concave.
Conditions: The fastest board in flat waters!


The Sprint Race Composite range is exclusively available in Carbon Sandwich.
Fins: Supplied with center US fin box. Single fin setup supplied with Balsa Core fins (Natural winner or Race Ultra).

Model Length width Volume Weight Carbon
Sprint 14'0'' x 21.5'' 426.7cm 55.2cm 289L 12.11kg
Sprint 14'0'' x 23'' 426.7cm 58.8cm 308L 12.65kg
Sprint 14'0'' x 25'' 426.2cm 63.8cm 338L 13.25kg