Stand Up Paddle-SurfPack SUP Inflatables + Leash + Paddle TouringSTX Tourer 11'6'' x 32''

STX Tourer 11'6'' x 32''

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The 11’6” is a great board for cruising or paddling longer distances but it is also a really stable all rounder that everyone can have fun on !

All-around cruising and small waves
Stable & Maneuverable
Wide outline
Pointy nose for smooth gliding
High rigidity
Deck leash system adds versatility

Made from double layer drop stitch material which enables this board to be very stiff. These boards are well made Sup’s at an affordable price.
The board comes with a slide in rear fin, carry handle, elastic covered storage area, front and rear D rings for mooring up, and for attaching a leash and the standing area is covered in a 3/4 length honey grip deckpad which gives great grip whilst going up and down the board.
The board only needs to be pumped up to 15psi and comes with a double action high pressure pump which makes inflation a quick and easy process.


Lenght: 11'6"
Width: 32"
Thickness: 6"
Volume: 295 L

Inflatable SUP Board
Double Action Pump
3-Piece Adjustable Alloy Paddle
Slide-in Fin
Repair Kit
Carry Bag