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Formula PRO

JP-Australia 2019

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Produit venant d'Allemagne, environ 10 jours pour la livraison.

This state of the “Formula-art” shape comes with a short hull, a parallel outline and a squared off nose. Thus, the rider can make use of the longest possible parallel rail line on the upwind course. At the same time, it produces a very stable platform on the downwind legs producing efficient lift to fly over chop. The entry and nose rocker are well pronounced in order to make the ride over chop safe and fast.
The deep concave on the deck lowers the mast base and reduces the swing weight in the nose area. You can keep the rig more upright, which adds efficiency and creates more down force keeping the board nicely trimmed on all courses.
In the bottom, double concaves under the straps maximize lift and acceleration. Upwind, you can use the long waterline length. Downwind, the wetted surface can be reduced by railing up the board and only riding on a narrow section.
The tail shape features two cut-outs for the most efficient water release and to substantially reduce the lift at the tail. The comfortable standing area offers better leverage to channel the fin power into acceleration and speed.
The fastest JP Formula board – ever. Foil approved finbox – Ready to race!


Volume Longueur cm Largeur cm Poids Pro Aileron Voiles Rec.
173 225 100 9.1kg no fin Deep Tuttle Box ideal: >10


Named after Jason Polakow, the former Wavesailing World Champion and figurehead of the brand, JPA is the premium, high performance windsurfing board brand with a range of more than 30 boards. JPA boards are frequent winners of consumer tests and regularly top industry polls as 'the most desired board brand' in the European windsurfing market.

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