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Restube PFD

Restube 2019

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The RESTUBE PFD is the smallest certified pfd on the market. Feel free and safe when you are out there!
The RESTUBE PFD is in the norm of swimming aids with 50 Newton flotation. The inflated device is fixed to your body. The RESTUBE PFD is certified on DIN EN ISO 12402-5 und DIN EN ISO 12402-6 and can be used in situations that require the use of a certified swimming aid by law.
The inflated device has a buoyancy of 75 newton.
For applications where no flotation device with a specific norm is required, we recommend our RESTUBE basic, classic, swim and sports. With the tried and tested Restube buoy shape you are more flexible in water, can wave to signal your position and hand it over to help others.