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The Fly

Neilpryde 2019

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Down-The-Line Wave
The Fly is a truly specialized wave-riding sail. The three-batten compact design combined with the Powerfuse construction and PVC / Dacron lower luff area makes for the lightest, most neutral sail in our range. It totally depowers on the wave and offers great sail control in gusty conditions, allowing you to fully focus on your surfing. Fast, light, soft feeling, compact, heavy duty construction and maneuverable, the Fly provides aggressive rail-riding turns and velocity down the line. Pure surf.

Tetoron panel construction extended lower down below the foot batten section. When depowering the sail, the profile gets really flat. Then, by powering up the sail again you get back a nice forward oriented profile.
Reduced PVC panel layout makes the sail more responsive and results in more direct reaction to rider input.
Cross batten construction allows all three battens to provide the critical leech support while the bottom batten shaping is kept low and forward below the boom area.
Fuse pocket construction for a fully symmetrical batten cavity.
Minimum distance between the clew and the cross batten distributes the load very evenly and prevents the draft to move back as well as keeping the sail stable.
Mini flat leech rod battens for optimum support and smooth finish.

Powerfuse allows us to reduce weight while increasing strength in critical sections making The Fly the lightest and, next to Combat HD, the strongest sail in the NeilPryde range. The narrower PVC/Dacron extended lower luff area of the sail gives a livelier feeling and works as a “suspension” to absorb shock loads present when the sail twists-off in gusts, on chop or when landing jumps. This elastic front section absorbs the shock while at the same time locking the profile distribution to the front. The result is a soft, forgiving sail that is incredibly stable (even when compared to 4 batten sails) and which depowers completely on the wave.


3.9 364 150 340/370 3 Vario
4.2 374 154 340/370 3 Fixe
4.5 383 159 370 3 Fixe
4.8 395 164 370 3 Fixe
5.1 409 169 400 3 Fixe
5.4 421 173 400 3 Fixe


NeilPryde Windsurfing – the original Pryde Group brand and the benchmark for quality and performance in the windsurfing business. NeilPryde sails and rigs won consecutive world titles for twelve straight seasons from 1988 to 2000 and still dominate competitive windsurfing at national and international levels. NeilPryde Windsurfing is the official supplier of windsurfing sails, rigs and boards to the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.

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