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V-Drive Vector Net

Quickblade 2019

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The colorful Vector-net lay-up’s have the perfect balance of stiffness and flex in this hybrid construction.
With excellent torsional stiffness they’re ideal for both surfing, touring and racing, while more forgiving on the shoulders and wrists than the all carbon version.

Vector Net
After lots of experimentation that came from our Matchsticks program we are so happy to announce the wide release of our new Vector Net paddle line up. These are really beautiful paddles!
So what is this construction? It is both carbon and fiberglass – a hybrid construction.
We start by painting the core of the blade in brilliant multi color blends to give this paddle a very unique look. Next we strategically laminate a mix of carbon, glass and aramid fibers to find the perfect balance of stiffness. Overall, the vector-net lay-up is a little stiffer and lighter than the all fiberglass blade lay-up but not quite as stiff and light as the all carbon lay-up.
Our surfing customers are REALLY into these paddles. But with their lightweight configuration they do work for racing – we have many members of the QB family with these in their racing quiver. Especially if you are looking for a more forgiving paddle – this one is a good fit.
We have the Vector Net blades not only just for SUP in the Trifecta 86 and V Drive 81 and 91 but also for our new V Drive 111 Outrigger paddles. This paddle has been heating up the Outrigger scene with wins all over the place. Including Travis’s recent Molokai win. See below to check out all of the great colors of these functional and light paddles.


Carbon Fiber Shaft & Handle
Vector Net Blade
3 Shaft Options
Round Tapered Carbon
Oval Tapered Carbon
Flyweight Carbon
Dihedral Edge
15 oz.