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Carbon Pro 2pcs

JP-Australia 2020

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Produit venant de Prydegroup Europe, environ 10 jours pour la livraison.

100% Pre-preg Carbon, CNC shaped high density PVC core blade! 100% Pre-preg Carbon shaft! This is the only way to achieve lowest weight, quickest response and ultimate in performance. The concave V blades are powerful and super stable, offered in 83 in2, 90 in2 and the newest 77 in2. They feature a generous ABS edge for the protection of your board and the blade. The handles are made of 100% Carbon. The Cut-To-Length Carbon handle is covered with comfortable EVA.


Model Size Weight Blade Shaft Extension Material
Pro Carbon 77 570 gr Carbon concave V Blade 497 cm2 100% Pre-preg Carbon Vario 215cm Carbon
Pro Carbon 83 580 gr Carbon concave V Blade 535 cm2 100% Pre-preg Carbon Vario 217cm Carbon
Pro Carbon 90 590 gr Carbon concave V Blade 581 cm2 100% Pre-preg Carbon Vario 219cm Carbon


Named after Jason Polakow, the former Wavesailing World Champion and figurehead of the brand, JPA is the premium, high performance windsurfing board brand with a range of more than 30 boards. JPA boards are frequent winners of consumer tests and regularly top industry polls as 'the most desired board brand' in the European windsurfing market.

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